If you need support, call our crisis line at 1 (800) 924-0556 or text 1 (715) 532-6976.

Both our phone and text crisis lines are provided at no cost to you, and they are 100% confidential and run 24/7/365.


If it is an emergency situation and you are afraid for your safety, you should call 911.

You’re welcome to drop by our offices or the Shelter too. There are Staff at the Rusk County Office and Shelter who are available 24/7/365. The Washburn and Price County Offices are open during business hours. Our services are at no cost to you. For more information on what we can help you with, click here or call 1-800-924-0556.


Rusk County Office and Shelter
107 Lindoo Avenue East
Ladysmith, Wisconsin 54848


Washburn County Outreach Office
11 5th Avenue in the Shell Lake Mall
Shell Lake, Wisconsin 54871


Price County Outreach Office
126 Cherry Street, Room 5, Courthouse basement
Phillips, Wisconsin 54555