24-Hour Crisis Line
Embrace’s crisis line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  All calls are confidential, and you do not have to give your name if you do not want to.  We are here to listen, provide emotional support, talk about your options and let you know about the resources available to you.

Personal Advocacy and Crisis Counseling
We work with you to help you self-identify needs through a supportive process of listening, emotional support, problem solving and skills development. We provide services such as counseling, safety planning, securing rights, remedies and services from other agencies, emergency financial assistance, intervening with employers and assisting in filing for losses with insurance companies and programs such as Crime Victim Compensation.

Legal Advocacy
We can assist you in understanding and filing domestic abuse, child abuse, individuals at risk and harassment restraining orders.  We can help you prepare you for your Injunction (restraining order) hearing and accompany you to it too. We can help you understand no-contact orders and bond conditions related to the incident. We are also here to offer supportive assistance with custody issues, child support and divorce issues; and we can refer you to our victim services attorney.

If you have questions about the criminal legal system (pre- or post- sentencing) related to a domestic abuse incident or assault, we can provide support and help you understand your rights to make sure your interests are upheld.

No Contact Dropping Course
Are you looking to drop a No Contact Order or a restraining order between you and another person? Did the Judge order you to take the course with us? Give us a call to make an appointment to take the course. We can help you file the paperwork, understand your rights and how dropping an order will affect you.

Medical Advocacy
If you have been abused or assaulted and need medical care, we offer advocacy and support for you in the healthcare setting. We want to make sure you are treated respectfully, get the best care and understand all the options given to you. We are available 24/7 to accompany and support you during sexual assault exams at the hospitals.

Systems Advocacy
Embrace Staff works on behalf of victims to ensure their interests and needs are represented in the communities they live in. We want to make sure survivors have have equal rights and access to compassionate services. We develop cooperative and collaborative relationships with community partners in order to improve system response to all survivors. We do this by facilitating the county-wide Coordinated Community Response Meetings (CCR) and participating in other community coalitions and network meetings.

For information on the Sexual Assault Victim Bill of Rights sa-bill-of-rights.

Community Outreach and Preventive Education
Embrace works to increase the community’s awareness about domestic and sexual violence through community outreach and engagement. We offer presentations on our services and a variety of topics related to domestic and sexual violence awareness to schools, community groups, churches and businesses. If you are interested in learning more about the cycle of violence and how to stop domestic violence and sexual assault in your community, click here to contact us, and we can partner to tailor a presentation to your needs.

Resources and Referrals
Embrace’s Staff can assist you in finding different resources that are available within your community to help you. We can help you apply for public benefits, housing, health services and therapy.

Supportive Community Groups
Embrace provides regular meetings for survivors who have experienced sexual violence or domestic abuse.  Support groups are facilitated by Embrace advocates. Groups meet in Ladysmith, Shell Lake and Phillips.

Turning Points
This program is a modern, group therapy based approach for women to understand the violence in their life led by our Sexual Violence and Domestic Violence Program Coordinators in Ladysmith, Phillips and Shell Lake. It is a 12 week program and can be used as a deferred prosecution, if approved by the courts.

Call 800.924.0556 to register.

Safe Exchange Program
We provide a safe child custody exchange program for children and their parents in Ladysmith.  If you have joint custody and need assistance with a safe, trouble-free exchange for your children, Embrace offers this service at no charge to participants.  For more information about Safe Exchange or to sign-up, click here.

Have you used any of our programs before? If so, please click here to take our anonymous survey and help us improve our services. Thank you!

Safe Shelter
The Embrace Shelter is located in a residential neighborhood of Ladysmith, Wisconsin. It is a four bedroom, welcoming and fully secured home for you and your children available to keep you safe from abuse and violence. We offer 24/7 support and advocacy while you are here. The Shelter is handicap accessible, and we also have a room with a separate bathroom available for men or transgender victims fleeing abusive situations.

You have a right to an interpreter at no cost to you! Interpreters are available 24/7 for all Embrace advocacy services.