The Embrace Visitation Program (VP) was designed so children and their parents can spend quality time together in a safe environment when courts have ordered or the parents agree there should be a neutral third party present.  Even though families may be referred by the Judge or the Court Commissioner, we are not part of the court system. We are here to ensure that children can maintain a relationship with the parent while other issues are worked out.  The Visitation Program (VP) wants to make visitation a positive experience for everyone, especially the child.

Supervised Visitation services are offered at the Embrace Shelter and Rusk County Office that allow a parent visitation to occur in the presence of a neutral third party. Supervised visitations result from an order made by a Judge or  Court Commissioner, a Restraining Order filed against one of the parents, or a recommendation made by Health and Human Services. Please contact the Rusk County Office at 715-532-6976 for more information about this program.

The Safe Exchange Program at Embrace gives parents and their children a safe and stress-free place to do a custody exchange. When it is time to exchange the children between parents for a scheduled visitation, the parent with the child(ren) drops them off at the Shelter at the scheduled time and leaves. Embrace staff watch the child(ren) until the other parent comes to pick up the child(ren) 15 minutes later. Using the Safe Exchange Program makes it easy to follow your Custody Order without having to see the other parent. Safe Exchange is currently only offered at the Rusk County Office and the Washburn County Outreach Office.

If you are interested in setting up a Safe Exchange for your kids, contact the Rusk County Office at 715-532-6976 or the Washburn County Outreach Office at 715-635-5245. Both parents will need to schedule times to stop by the office to sign program contracts.